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Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic condition that impacts every aspect of life for those who harbor it . The diagnosis is often made on individuals with chronic widespread bodily pain in the absence of any specific condition and when no specific cause such as tissue inflammation or damage can be identified.

Hence, the cause of fibromyalgia remains illusive and confusing, resulting in beliefs that range from it being a purely a psychological condition to an entirely physical condition, while others simply do not feel it’s a “real” condition at all .

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What Causes


Thankfully, there is currently enough research published to confidently say that FM is at least partly (possibly mostly) due to a disorder of “central pain processing” (that is, how the brain “feels” pain), where a higher than normal pain response occurs to a normal, not-too-painful stimulus (technically called “hyperalgesia”), as well as a pain response that occurs to a non-painful or, shouldn’t hurt at all, stimulus (technically called “allodynia”)

It appears the cause of FM is not one thing but rather, the presence of environmental issues like stress AND chemical imbalances in our endocrine (hormone) and nervous (brain) systems that team up to clobber those of us who may be genetically geared towards having FM .

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Fibromyalgia is a very challenging condition to both diagnose and treat as there are many different clinical signs and symptoms that make each patient with FM unique. Because of these challenges, there is no single treatment program to apply to all struggling FM patients . Rather, studies often suggest that a multidisciplinary “team” of health care providers be utilized in the management 

Effective management approaches include chiropractic, allopathic, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, sleep hygiene counseling, nutritional counseling, mind-body therapy, and dietary counseling including nutritional supplementation that target specific deficiencies determined by lab/blood tests and/or are based on the clinical history .

Chiropractic care takes the form of adjusting patient’s backs and necks, to bring their spines back into proper alignment. This procedure may help in reducing stress, trapped nerves, and tension within these areas. This helps the patient with their own well being and relieves pain and ill health.

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Millions of Americans with Fibromyalgia


Of Americans with Fibromyalgia are Women


of People with FM are Diagnosed Between the Ages of 30-40.


of People with FM are Diagnosed in their 20’s or Between 50-65.

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